Past Opportunities

These outside opportunities are currently closed, but do reoccur, so keep an eye out!



The Patti Grace Smith Fellowship provides jobs, mentorship, and community for Black undergrads seeking aerospace careers. To qualify, students must: 1) Identify as Black/African American 2) Currently attend community college or an undergraduate degree program 3) Be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident, and 4) Be seeking their first ever job / internship in the aerospace industry. Applications this year closed October 23, 2022. All majors are welcome as long as the applicant is interested in a career in the aerospace industry.

Visit website here.


The NASA TechRise Student Challenge invites teams of sixth to 12th-grade students to design, build, and launch science and technology experiments on high-altitude balloon flights during the upcoming 2022/ 2023 school year. The winning teams will each receive $1,500 to build their payloads and be awarded an assigned spot on a NASA-sponsored commercial high-altitude balloon flight. Flight tests will offer more than four hours of float time at approximately 70,000 feet and provide exposure to Earth’s atmosphere plus views of our planet.

The 2023 BIG Idea Challenge provides undergraduate and graduate students up to $180,000 to design, develop, and demonstrate technologies that will enable the production of lunar infrastructure from ISRU-derived metals found on the Moon. Key infrastructure products desired are storage vessels for liquids and gases, extrusions, pipes, power cables, and supporting structures (i.e., roads, landing pads, etc.). Teams are invited to submit proposals for that focus on any part of the metal product production pipeline* from prospecting to testing.