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Lunar Craters

Participant Impact Statements

Student Internships

I believe [the program's impact] helped me land my internship at Pratt&Whitney. (Jose Escobosa, 2021 Idaho Space Grant Consortium Summer University Research Internship-Boise State University)

[The ISGC Internship] provided me a chance to learn more about other interest in my life and open up my mind to other things! Made me become passionate about research, helped me build relationships that I am so grateful for, and showed me that I have other passions and career opportunities beyond what I was always set on. (Kayla Shubert, 2021 Idaho Space Grant Consortium Summer University Research Internship-University of Idaho)


ISGC Scholarship

I have always known I would go into the STEM field and have taken great interest in the science courses I have gone through.  This scholarship would be of great help once I attend college.  Being rewarded with this grant in STEM will show that I have great potential in being successful in the field and will allow me to take as many science related courses as needed without the worry of cost to hold me back.  My goal after college is to have a successful career as a biologist, specifically biochemistry, and move up in the field to help solve real world problems. (Ariana Dovalina, 2023 Idaho Space Grant Consortium Scholarship- Boise State University)


I've finally received my Bachelor's in math and physics this month, and I'm so grateful to the Space Grant program for helping me along that path. Thank you so much for helping me and many other students give back to STEM and aerospace research! (Pangaea Finn, 2019 Idaho Space Grant Consortium Scholarship-Boise State University)

[Since graduation, my role in the aerospace industry include] Avionics technician and navy veteran (Nicolas Espinoza, 2019 Idaho Space Grant Consortium Scholarship-North Idaho College)


ISGC Funded Research

[This program impacted and] allowed me to gain experience in aerospace and lead to my job. (Cooper Dastrup, 2021 Idaho Space Grant Funded Research - Student-Led High-Powered Rocketry at Idaho State University)

[ISGC] greatly benefited me by supporting the Boise State MicroG program. That program helped me land my job with Boeing.  I'm going to be a manufacturing engineer with Boeing. (Soren Witter, 2021 Idaho Space Grant Funded Research - Microgravity NExT-Boise State University)

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