NASA ISGC Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in applying for the NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium 2021-2022 Graduate Fellowship. Each fellowship is worth $27,000 and is good for one year. Applications must be completed by March 12, 2021. Letters of Recommendation must be submitted by March 15, 2021. 

Please note that once you open the application, you will not be able to open it back up to make changes. With that in mind, we strongly recommend that you have the following prepared before starting the application:

1) Current resume

2) Latest unofficial transcript

3) Research proposal

4) Contact information for two letters of recommendation

Your research proposal must include:

1) Title Page with date of submission, title of project, and an abstract briefly describing the proposed research

2) Description of proposed research to include the goals, methods, and expected outcomes.

3) Research timeline

4) Alignment with NASA's current activities

5) Publication Plan

6) References

7) (Optional) Previous ISGC Fellowship support


The Research Proposal should not exceed 5 pages, excluding references, title page, and previous ISGC Fellowship support information.


Your proposal will be evaluated based on how well it addresses the following:

*Merit of proposed research - Are the goals of the research attainable? Are the proposed methods feasible?

*Research timeline - Is it feasible to complete the research within the 1 year fellowship timeline? Are tasks and milestones clearly articulated?

*Alignment - Is the proposed research aligned with NASA's Strategic Goals and/or the goals of the ISGC?

*Publications - Is there a publication plan? Is it reasonable?

Two letters of recommendation are necessary to complete your application. One of these must come from your Research Advisor who will be supporting you during your award period. Please send each of your recommending parties the following link to fill out:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

NASA Fellowship

Up to $45,000
Applications open: 12/23/2019
Applications due: 2/21/2020

"Each year NASA Fellowship Activity seeks student-authored and independently conceived graduate research proposals responding to a NASA Research Opportunity listed in the solicitation. The NASA Fellowship Activity is designed to support NASA STEM Engagement objectives and to provide academic institutions the ability to enhance graduate-level learning and development.

To be eligible to submit a proposal, candidates must be U.S. citizens or a naturalized citizen who hold a bachelor's degree in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) field earned before fall semester of the academic year. Candidates must be enrolled in a master's or doctoral degree program no later than September 1, of the academic year, and intend to pursue a research-based masters or doctoral program in a NASA-relevant field.


For more information and questions concerning these program elements may be directed to Vandhana Lal at"

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