Mitch Bodmer

"It provided me with an opportunity to apply my technical knowledge in a real world setting. I was able to design and build actual space hardware, and then see that mission come to fruition. I was able to work at a NASA center for a summer with a paid internship. It has been the single most rewarding thing I have done at this university."

Hector Magana

"Fortunately, this was the second summer that I participated in this internship. I say fortunately because like last summer the experience was life changing and an eye opener. For the most part, like last summer, I had the opportunity to work on mechanical design but also lab work. However, this summer I had the opportunity to attend the SmallSat conference which led me network with professionals in the smallsat industry."

Nonnie Woodruff

"This internship provided a challenging project where I learned how to work with a complicated computer model. I learned more from this internship than I had anticipated to have learned. The environment was safe, and friendly. The other researchers were supportive and always willing to answer questions when either myself or my mentor didn't know the answer. Overall, this was a great opportunity, and gave me skills that I can see myself using in my future career."


NASA accepts summer internship applications between November and March each year.


NASA Internships are a fun, challenging way to build professional experience for students studying engineering, mathematics, computer science, the physical/life sciences, and much more. 


NASA internships opportunities are open to all higher education (undergraduate and graduate) students. However, in order to receive ISGC funding for your internship, you must be a full-time student at an Idaho university or college. Please note that you don't need to be attending school during the summer-- that would make doing the internship pretty difficult!


U.S. citizenship is required for both selection and funding.

NASA Academy

The NASA Academy is an intensive summer project for highly motivated and successful undergraduate and graduate students. The academy's purpose is to bring together the likely future leaders in space activity so that they learn at an early stage how NASA functions and become acquainted with each other personally and professionally. 


The NASA Academy is not a 9-5 summer research internship program. It is a rigorous, immersive experience that will challenge the participants and push them outside their comfort zones. It offers interns an intense learning experience that is either space- or aeronautics-based. All academy students will be immersed in a NASA environment where they will experience the agency from both inside and outside perspectives.


Students can apply to the NASA academy through NASA Internships and Fellowships, just like a regular internship. The same requirements described under "NASA Center Internships" are applicable here as well.

All Idaho students are asked to email upon submitting your application.

Former Intern Experiences

Internship Informational Webinar

Interested in learning more about applying for a NASA Internship? Watch our Informational Webinar to get tips, get an insider view of the application, and more! Click here to access the recording (passcode AGAJPP=6)

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