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INE Priorities

  • Increase student participation in research activities.

  • Increase the diversity of institutions participating in Idaho NASA EPSCoR research activities.

  • Increase Idaho NASA EPSCoR’s focus on strategic planning through an assessment of current research infrastructure and the creation of a long-term strategic plan (5+ years).


Promote the development of research expertise and infrastructure that will allow Idaho researchers to compete nationally in areas of strategic interest to NASA while helping to retain qualified young scientists and engineers in Idaho.


Develop partnerships with NASA and industry that enable Idaho’s researchers and students to contribute to NASA’s missions through innovative research opportunities.


Support research in areas that will enhance economic development in Idaho.


Support research important to maintaining and protecting the ecology and environment of Idaho.


Crosscutting Strategies 

Increase STEM engagement and inclusion:

Broaden participation in Idaho NASA EPSCoR programs and projects through a focus on increasing the diversity of participants and on STEM disciplines engaged.

Strengthen evaluation and assessment: Strengthen Idaho NASA EPSCoR programs and projects through data-driven evaluation and assessment.

Expand the Idaho NASA EPSCoR network: Seek out new research partnerships with the commercial aerospace industry and other agencies with STEM-focused missions.

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