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Please see the "Submit Proposals" page for details on ISGC's current open solicitations. All proposals require a budget and budget justification/narrative. Sample budget templates are available- and can be used for any ISGC solicitation. Please note that University of Idaho (UI) proposers have a slightly different budget template than non-UI proposers.

If you have any questions, please email

Featured Photos and Videos

Have a photo or video of/about your experience with the ISGC? Submit it here to have it featured on the site and our social media!


Maggi Kraft, former ISGC fellow, conducts research for her project, Estimating snowmelt in forested mountain watersheds with ground measurements, lidar remote sensing, and MODIS fSCA

Learn more about the important research done by Maggi and her team at Boise State University in this article.

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