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To engage Idahoans in NASA's missions of exploration and discovery.


To support NASA’s missions in science, technology, aeronautics, and space exploration through a portfolio of education and research opportunities that benefit both NASA and Idaho.

Strategic Goals


Contribute to the development and diversity of NASA’s future workforce in disciplines needed to achieve NASA’s strategic goals through internships, fellowship, and other opportunities for Idaho students that align with NASA's missions.


Attract, educate, and retain students, researchers, and educators of diverse backgrounds in STEM disciplines through hands-on and other experiential research opportunities.


Engage students, educators, and the public in NASA's missions to share the excitement of NASA's missions and encourage the pursuit of STEM education in Idaho.

Crosscutting Strategies

Increase STEM Engagement & Inclusion

Broaden participation in ISGC programs and projects through a focus on increasing diversity of participants and on STEM disciplines engaged.

Strengthen Evaluation and Assessment

Strengthen the ISGC’s programs and projects through data-driven evaluation and assessment.

Expand the ISGC Network

Seek out new partnerships with the commercial aerospace industry and other agencies with STEM-focused missions.

Facilitate Access to NASA Resources

Provide opportunities for students, researchers, and educators to learn about the wealth of NASA’s resources, how to access them, and how to use them.

Crosscutting Strategies

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